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How to Make Your First Sale with Shopify Ecommerce Website Builder

How to Make Your First Sale with Shopify Ecommerce Website Builder

You have a great idea for an online business? You want to use Shopify ecommerce website builder to establish online presence? Read and discover how to make your first sale!


Shopify ecommerce website builder is one of the greatest tools on the market! By using this tool, you can transform your business idea into a well-developed and professionally designed online store and you can build an online business by yourself.

If you have already chosen a theme, add your items, written product descriptions and taken photos, now it is time to launch your store and wait for the buyers to come.

Well, in the ecommerce business world, it doesn’t work that way. If you want traffic, if you want sales flooding in, you need to make an effort.

For many first time ecommerce store owners, it can be complicated to work so hard getting the online store prepared only to hear criticks when they finally launch. We know that you work really hard, but if you want to make sales, you need to make an extra effort.

Shopify ecommerce website builder is a great solution, however, it can’t bring you visitors, buyers, sales, and profit. This is the point where you need to jump in and use:

  • Social Media – You can make friends on Facebook, network on LinkedIn, get busy on YouTube, spark conversations on Twitter, inspire with Pinterest, work on Instagram, and etc.
  • Search Engine Marketing – You can stand out on Comparison Shopping Engines, get on Google Places, use the Yahoo! Bing Network, Get SEO, learn from Web Analytics, be accessible on mobile devices, and etc.
  • PR – You can get product reviews, write a press release, pull a PR stunt, sell a newsworthy and unique product, interview an industry influencer or blogger, and etc.
  • Content Marketing – You can write a guest post, you can create a viral video, you can start your own blog where you will share the most important information about your business, new product collections, you can write controversial blog post, you can create a YouTube channel, you can build an email list, and etc.
  • Paid Ads – You can advertise on Facebook, you can pay for Google Adwords, you can buy banner ads, you can promote your Tweets on Twitter, and etc.

Use these strategies and you will see your online business booming! Good luck!

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